Day 1 and 2

Players will be seeded into 6 pools of 8 players each as shown:

Each player in the pool will secretly choose any chart rated between 15-18 and submit it to the tournament organizer. Once all charts are selected, they will be revealed to all players. The order of those songs will be randomized, and all players will play those 8 songs in that order.


Players will be randomly paired together for pool play. Pairs will receive 1 game to warmup on any songs of their choosing other than the 8 pool songs. Players may take as many break periods as they wish during their qualifying period, but they must begin their final game no more than 40 minutes after starting their first warmup song, and must finish playing the final song within 50 minutes. Players may only make one attempt at each song.

Players may change their pairs if they wish, and if all impacted players agree (example: A and B are paired together, and C and D are paired together. If A, B, C, and D agree, they may change their pairs however they wish). Players may not change the order that songs must be played.


All pools will use EX score. Players will receive points based on their score on each individual song:

Points will be totaled up for all players after the end of the final pair. The player with the most points will move on to the final bracket on Saturday. The players finishing in 2nd and 3rd will move on to the Last Chance Pools on Friday. Players finishing 4th or lower will be eliminated.

In the event of any ties for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, whichever player earned the most points on the songs chosen by the tied players is the winner. If there is still a tie, whichever player seeded higher during the qualifying period is the winner.

Day 3

Players finishing 2nd and 3rd in the first 6 pools will be seeded into two additional pools as follows:

Rules will be the same for these pools as they were in days 1 and 2 except as follows:

Day 4

The 8 finalists will be seeded into an 8 person double-elimination bracket based on their original qualifier scores. All rounds will be played under the following rules:

Difficulties will be weighted with the following percentages:

Banned songs:


Grand finals will be a best of 5 instead of a best of 3. All rules are the same as above, except the match ends when a player wins 3 songs. The player from the loser's bracket must win twice to become the champion.